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Meet the Team 

Kevin Wenk


Kevin was born in New Haven, Connecticut to Peter and Ellen Wenk. Active in sports at the High School level, Kevin excelled in tennis and la crosse.

Kevin arrived in the Caribbean on a sailboat charter working throughout the Caribbean, including the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, and the Dominican Republic. Kevin instantly fell in love with the beautiful island and amazing people he met there. When the charter reached Puerto Rico, Kevin jumped ship and never looked back, staying in the islands 30 years now.

A love for climbing and challenging himself, he first climbed atop the Berlin Wall, believed to be the first American atop the wall. Kevin has also been to the top of the Empire State Building, in New York City, over 100 times, and has climbed 4 out of 5 tallest towers in the US over 2000 feet tall.

Determined to keep climbing, he hopes to climb on the podium in 2026.


Tommy “MF” Day


Today we would like you to meet our other Co-Captain, Tommy “MF” Day. Tom was born in Minnesota, a hotbed for Curling in the US. Tom didn’t take to the ice right away, he spent his time on the Mats, Diamond, and Field. He excelled in Wrestling, Baseball, and Soccer, at Armstrong High School, a suburb of Minneapolis. Earning All State honors in Wrestling. 

In 2008, Tom took the leap and bought a one way ticket to the Virgin Islands. Trained as an architect at the University of Arizona , Tom is a master bartender, gaining worldwide acclaim on travel sites like TripAdvisor. 

An accomplished Beach Tennis Player, Tom Has made the conversion to Ice Curling. A natural on “The Sheets”, Tom brings a competitive focus and a calm presence to the ice. Although new to the Curling Scene, Tom possesses the Skill set and Desire to excel. Help Tom get to the Olympics, and climb on that stage as an Olympian. Join our “Team” today “The Curling Coconuts”, by ordering our exclusive Virgin Islands Curling Team Gear 

“Every Adventure Begins With A Dream”

Let’s Go Coconuts. 

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