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How it all started

Ice Curling in USVI is not a new idea. The idea was hatched back in 1988, when 6 time USVI Olympian, John Foster introduced it as a part of the USVI’s Winter Olympic Sports. Until now, nobody had answered the call. When two great friends, both long time US Virgin Islanders, decided that the best way to get to the Olympics was not Beach Tennis, a passion of both, but the Winter Olympics, in Ice Curling…and The USVI Curling Coconuts were born. 

Co-Captains, Kevin “Yeah Buddy” Wenk and Tommy “MF” Day, lead the Team. Long time resident Dale “The Rock” Benedict, brings consistency to the group. Island Born “Little” Chris Exton, a palm tree climbing, rock jumping, natural athlete, carries ”The Hammer”.

Although this group is just beginning the climb to their Olympic Dream, great strides have been made already. With just 5 hours total on the ice, a more experienced curler asked “How long have you guys been curling?” The answer “Since 10:15”, he asked again, “No , I mean, how long have you guys been curling?”, the reply again, “Since 10:15”, to which we replied “WOW, No Way, Impressive.”

Follow our story on Facebook at USVI Curling Team, and help support our efforts with a purchase of our Exclusive Virgin Islands Curling Team Gear. 



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Davison, MI




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